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Being active in hockey, I need to wash my hair and use facial product as often as 2-3 times per day. KeepIt Handsome is the best product I’ve used in years, not only for how it feels, but also for its scent. People are constantly asking me what product I'm using, because they love the smell. I highly recommend KeepIt Handsome.

Reid Simpson

Montreal Canadiens Pro Scout & Former NHL Hockey Player




I've used tons of different products over the years, but this one is the best for many reasons. It looks like liquid pearl, goes on easily, and lasts long; you can run your fingers through your hair all day and it still holds shape. And unlike other cremes I've used, if you do need a touch up, this integrates easily when you add a dab at night to the morning application.

Andy Nulman

Co-Founder Just For Laughs Festival




Congratulations to Claudia and her team. Finally, I have a great brand I can proudly display on my shelf and can recommend every skew with confidence. It’s the only line I need to carry, and when my clients smell the shampoo in the back bar, they fall in love with the fragrance and the products fly off the shelf. Love that it’s made in Canada, too.

Vince Tassone

Legendary Montreal Stylist




Due to my busy schedule I have to try to look my best and don’t have time to waste on other products that make my skin look sweaty and greasy. I don’t have that problem with the head balm and face moisturizer by Keep it Handsome, it goes on fast and lasts all day. I love it!

Don Njegovan 

COO for OSISKO Mining




I started using Keep it Handsome products mainly because they’re fortified with anit-oxidant, natural waxes and most important paraben free. I started off with a Daily Shampoo which adds a cooling sensation to my scalp followed by the Daily Conditioner that leaves my hair nice and soft. The product that I love the most is the Matte Fiber; it adds a lot of body to my short and thin hair with a natural feel. I’m very happy I found these amazing products, I highly recommend them. 

Dr. Luigi Di Battista





As a businessman, a philanthropist, an extreme sports athlete, and a patron of arts & culture. I am bold, and I am balanced. KeepIt Handsome is quality and sophistication, with an edge! This is the grooming brand that 'gets it' -- a product lineup with focus and versatility to match my daily grind.

Rob Fainer




Not only are the products of the highest of quality - The shampoos and conditioners make your hair feel and smell great, and the grooming creams and gels do the perfect job without leaving residue - but the packaging and branding are representative of the quality of the product. I use KEEPIT HAMDSOME products for all my grooming needs. Best products on the market today!

Ryan Etinson

Syntax CEO Americas




This stuff is the best I have used, always keeps my hair on point!

Joey Vendetta

Sportsnet Host & Radio Personality

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