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All of our products are paraben-freenon-formaldehyde donating, and are fortified with anti-oxidants, natural UV absorbents, natural waxes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.



KEEPIT Handsome was created by a wife and husband after a remark made by Claudia, the co-owner of a very successful and trendy men's only salon in Montreal. Her husband, Mirko, often had disheveled hair which exasperated his wife. One day she finally exclaimed:

"I have a reputation to uphold, will you please look after your hair and keep it Handsome!"

Mirko replied "It's not me: it's the products you give me. Most of them are weak."

"Then make your own," was the retort.

"Okay. I will." Mirko responded.

And that's how it all came into being: simply, honestly and naturally. Mirko took the challenge and sought out his friend, a cosmetic chemist who had discovered ways to extract natural preservatives from lichen plants that were perfect for hair products. Using his lichen extract as a base, Claudia and Mirko worked diligently to determine what would constitute a premium product. Claudia's frustration at a lack of a consistent array of products from one producer to the next was their guiding star. Their mission was to create a more natural line of men's products where each one is an all star on its own and accommodates all styles of hair and beards so that salons could have confidence to carry one "go to" brand.

After months of back and forth's and a relentless desire to come up with the best of the best, they are ready to share their discovery. Great products- all lichen infused and paraben free.

In homage to its beginning they decided to name their brand KEEPIT HANDSOME.

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