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The importance of rest for keeping handsome

We live in a busy, fast-running society, and that isn’t news to anybody.

Especially now that we are in a brand new year (and a brand new decade!), the pressure to do ALL THE THINGS and become the best versions of ourselves is at an all-time high.

But not enough emphasis is placed on taking care of ourselves, especially when it comes to rest. A quick Google search auto-complete will tell you what people think about those who rest:

Rest is for the wicked.

Rest is for the weak.

Rest is for the dead.

But at KeepIt Handsome, we don’t believe that for a second. In fact, we believe that incorporating proper rest is crucial to staying healthy, happy, and of course - handsome.

Why rest is so important

Ever get woken up from a short night of sleep and felt just drab and blah, so much so that even your handsome hair couldn’t save your look?

That’s because better sleep means better skin. Getting too little sleep will not only cause faster skin wrinkling and dark circles, but also a bunch of other problems - bad decision-making, overeating and weight gain, bad memory, and much more.

And if you didn’t get a good night of sleep? Consider taking some time aside for a nap.

Because, let’s face it - dark circles don’t look great on anyone, no matter how well-groomed your beard is. 

Resting is more than just sleeping

While sleep is important, rest is about so much more than that. When was the last time you got to take a rest during your waking hours?

And we mean a real rest, where you give yourself permission to do nothing.

When you take the time to exist in the current moment and pause from your hectic day, your body and mind both have an opportunity to recharge in a way that sleep just can’t provide.

Not only will you boost your mood, make yourself more alert, and reduce your stress, but you’ll be more productive so that you can achieve more in less time. This means even more time to rest!

So if you’re seeking that natural ‘feel-good, glowing-from-the-inside’ vibe, consider including proper rest in your everyday routine. For example, try taking five minutes out of your busy day to just sit and breathe. Just try to focus on your breath, not on your to-do list, and breathe.

Give yourself permission to be unproductive for a moment. You’ll not only feel (and look) better as a result, but you’ll show up as more productive when it’s time to get going again.

Apart from implementing these resting breaks throughout your day, try doing this when you’re facing a particularly tough problem that you can’t seem to solve. By stepping back and resting your mind and body, you’ll come back more focused, more creative, and with a new perspective on your problem.

Rest is for the handsome

So let’s rid ourselves of the belief that rest is for the ‘weak’. Rest is for everyone. Even better -- rest is for the handsome.

With all that said, happy resting!

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