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The Best Ways to Avoid a Bad Hair Day (& Wake Up More Handsome)

Picture this:

You’re going to bed after an awesome and productive day. And dare we say, your hair was ON POINT.

But when you wake up the next morning, it’s a disaster. The handsome locks that were so perfect yesterday have turned into an unruly mop that can’t be tamed.

What did you do to deserve what’s happening up there?

We’ve all had bad hair days. Sometimes they are the rule rather than the exception. And sometimes it’s so frustrating that you feel like shaving it all off.

Don’t take the drastic route just yet! Here’s how you can set yourself up to avoid those bad hair days and start off more days on the ‘handsome’ foot.


Keep your hair healthy

You can spend all the money you want on styling products. But, at the end of the day, if you’re working with an unhealthy base, these products won’t do you much good!

Healthy hair doesn’t just look better — it’s also easier to style and way more manageable.

And getting healthy hair doesn’t require hours of your time or hundreds of dollars spent on fancy products.

For instance, something as simple as adding conditioner to your routine will work wonders. You’d be surprised by the number of men who only use shampoo, or use 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, which doesn’t actually help moisturize those cuticles.

Weather can affect your outcome so be sure to extra moisturize when the air is cold and dry, as well as use less shiny products on hot days. A daily conditioner helps to protect your hair from the elements and retain its moisture so it stays shiny and manageable all day — and the day after.


Tone it down on the product

If your routine involves squishing a huge gob of product to style your hair, you aren’t doing your hairdo any favours. Putting too much product into your hair will make it sticky and clumpy, and although it may look fine on the first day, it won’t be so great the next day.

Using smaller amounts of styling products like grooming cream or pomade can help you rock those locks and carry it over to the next day without starting over. 


Make sure you have the right haircut

So your hair is healthy: check.

You’re using the right products (and the right amount): check.

But even with all of that, you’ll be fighting a losing battle if your haircut just isn’t that good.

Your haircut is the canvas that leads to good hair days. A mis-shaped, badly designed haircut will lead to more bad hair days!

So if you want to wake up with handsome locks more often than not, make sure you are keeping your haircut fresh, be it getting the sideburns and neck cleaned up.

Some people like getting their hair trimmed every 2 weeks, but doing this once a month is enough to ensure your hair is not going completely wild.

You should also consult with your hairstylist and get a haircut that suits your specific style, hair type and face shape. There’s no point in trying to fight your natural locks and remember that even the best haircut will be hard to style if you go to bed with wet hair.


Rock a great hair day, every day

So there you go! With healthy hair, the right haircut, and the right products in appropriate amounts, you’ll be able to rock handsome locks day after day — without starting over every morning.


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