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How to Keep Your Beard Handsome in the Cold Winter Months

It’s that inescapable time of year again — you know, the one where despite your best efforts, the cold and dry elements wreak havoc on your beloved face-warmer.

Before you had a beard, you probably believed it would help keep you warm against the cold and snow. But somehow, it makes everything more complicated.

Fear not! We’ve got some tips to ensure you keep your beard healthy and handsome, even in the coldest climates.


1) Don’t wash as often...

We mean your beard — please keep watering regularly!

But yes, you should definitely decrease the number of washes you give your beard during the frigid months. Aim for no more than twice a week.

Why? Cleaning your beard will strip it of its natural oils, which is great in the summertime, but not so great when the cold winter air is drying it out. Cleaning it twice a week should be enough to avoid buildup.

When you do clean your beard, try to avoid products that contain sulfates. These foaming agents will irritate your skin and further dehydrate you.


2) … but boost the moisturizing

While you want to decrease how much you shampoo your beard, we definitely recommend amping up on the moisturizing factor.

Adding beard moisturizer to your routine will help protect you against the drying effect of the winter air. Depending on how cold and dry it gets in your area, you can apply once in the morning and once in the evening, or only once a day if that feels like too much.

Our own beard moisturizer will give you that light and hydrated feeling for your skin underneath your beard and without feeling oily. It will keep your beard soft, subtle and smelling amazing.


3) Avoid scalding water

We know how tempting it is to hop in the shower and put the heat on max to warm yourself up after an especially cold day. And sure, although your electricity bill (and your skin) might not enjoy that, you can keep doing it… but try to avoid washing your hair and beard in hot water.

All that hot water will strip your skin AND your hair of its natural oils. That hot water will feel good for an instant, but down the line, you’re reducing your beard’s natural ability to moisturize itself. The heat will make your beard hair more brittle and dry. 

Next time you shower, try turning the temperature down, at least when it’s time to wash your hair and face. Your beard will thank you!


4. Protect your beard

This one may seem obvious. But so many people decide to leave their beard exposed to the elements when going outside in the winter. Bad idea! 

It may not look as snazzy, but using a scarf to protect your beard will help protect from freezing. Every time your beard freezes over, it gets more and more damaged and will be more likely to break.

Beyond just using a scarf, be sure to wipe off your beard if it gets wet while you’re outside.


A healthy beard = a handsome beard

Remember that good beard care doesn’t stay the same throughout the seasons. Take good care of your beard during the winter by following our tips, and it will take good care of you.

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