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How Lichen Extract Can Benefit Your Skin & Hair

You may have noticed in our FAQ section that our products are paraben-free, and are instead fortified with lichen extract.

So you may be wondering, what’s the big deal with lichen, anyway — and why is it better than parabens for my handsome face?


More than decoration

One of our two types of lichens found in our products, known most commonly as the star-tipped reindeer lichen, is the type of lichen people will commonly use as fake trees on model train displays — or even absorb sound in homes. 

So, of all herbal products that exist out there, why choose lichen extract to stay handsome?


Lichen contains antimicrobial properties

Beards are majestic. We love them, and we know you love them too.

But they don’t come without their issues. This Swiss study discovered that men’s beards can carry more microbes and bacteria than what is found in dog fur. 

Not so handsome.

Even though this study was done a small sample of subjects (18 men and 30 dogs), it couldn’t hurt to clean your beard properly and ensure you’re germ-free — or at least, as germ-free as a beard can be.

That’s when lichen comes in.

Several types of lichen, including the star-tipped reindeer lichen, contain a sustainable source of usnic acid. If you quickly search usnic acid, you’ll see that it’s been used on the market as dietary supplements, anti-tumor treatments, urinary tract infections, and other infections due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

That’s right — even though lichen is technically considered fungi, it’s also anti-fungal, which is great news for your fluffy face-mask.


Lichen is a natural preservative

Cleansing and beauty products, especially those made from natural ingredients, usually have a shelf life. Even the most common products you’ll find on the shelves in your drug store are not shelf-stable at all before getting loaded with preservatives. These preservatives, such as parabens, help improve the shelf life of cosmetics by stopping bacterial, fungal, and microbial growth.

However, parabens and formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, may do more harm than good for your handsome face.

For example, parabens may mimic estrogens in your body when absorbed through the skin, according to scientific research.

So while that’s yucky in and of itself, bacteria in your beard due to products that have gone bad aren’t so great, either.

But guess what — lichen is a natural preservative that reduces the need to rely on too many parabens and other not-so-great additives. 


The final shebang — anti-inflammatory properties

If all the anti-bacterial benefits weren’t enough, lichen is also loaded with anti-inflammatory goodness.

So if your skin typically reacts negatively from regular synthetic products, you may want to give natural, lichen-loaded products a try. Not only are they free from inflammatory ingredients, but the lichen inside will soothe your scalp and skin and make sure you look — and feel — more handsome than ever!

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