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Are Expensive Haircuts Worth It?

We’ve all wondered the same thing. How much should I really be paying for a haircut?

Are high-end haircuts worth the money?

Honestly, is there really a difference between lower-priced haircuts and high-end ones?

There’s a drastic difference between what you can get for a clip and shave, especially depending on where you live. Some barbers who operate from their homes will charge as little as $10, but if you go into the city, fancier salons can charge more than $50.

So is it worth shelling over that extra 40 bucks?

Experience will definitely cost you

Rather than ask if expensive salons are worth the investment (and the trip), let’s turn the question around - how much of an investment would be worth not getting a bad haircut and waking up with a bad hair day every day for months? 

This should be your bottom line. Although you can probably get a good deal from some low-end salons, it shouldn’t come at the cost of experience.

So if someone is charging less, look into why. 

Maybe it’s because they live outside of the city and they have less overhead to cover. 

Maybe it’s because they have less experience. 

If that is the case, they may still do a great job, but you’re gambling much less when you put your trust in someone who has at least some experience behind them.

Simplicity or something fancy?

The amount you should pay for a haircut depends on exactly what you are looking for.

For instance, if the style you want is relatively simple, you may not need to find someone who has decades of experience.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to change it up and want a more complicated style, more experience is always better. The more experience a stylist has, the more techniques they’ll have tried and tested on previous locks.

Unless you want to be the guinea pig for that latest hairstyle.

Always check online reviews

But experience isn’t the only factor you should judge. Look online for reviews to see what others are saying about the service. Are you looking for outstanding service to be treated like the handsome king you are? Or are you satisfied with a simpler routine? 

Some people may leave nasty reviews because the staff was cold or untalkative despite being good at actually cutting hair. If getting your haircut is all that matters to you, then disregard these types of reviews - as long as the stylists respect you, of course!

You’re paying for atmosphere, too

Here’s another factor to consider - is atmosphere important to you? 

If you enjoy the ritual and atmosphere of getting your hair and beard styled in a chic atmosphere - we get it, it all contributes to feeling real good - expect your bill to go up.

This high attention to detail definitely costs a premium.

If this doesn’t matter to you and you don’t need a chic atmosphere to feel handsome, you can save plenty by going to an experienced stylist who works at home or at a more laid-back salon.

One last factor - if you prefer using high-end products in your hair, you’ll find these types of products in higher-end salons. And because the products aren’t dirt-cheap, you can expect the haircut to cost more, too. 

It’s simple math, really: 

More expensive products + Time and money spent on atmosphere + Overhead + Years of experience = What you’re gonna end up paying for.

Trust is the most important element

So should you get an expensive haircut? Ask yourself how you felt while reading each section, and figure out what matters to you most.

But remember this: no matter how much a stylist charges, you need to establish trust and communication with them. A highly experienced stylist who simply doesn’t get you, or who you don’t trust, won’t get you the handsome results you’re looking for.

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