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Are Expensive Haircuts Worth It?

We’ve all wondered the same thing. How much should I really be paying for a haircut? Are high-end haircuts worth the ...

The importance of rest for keeping handsome

We live in a busy, fast-running society, and that isn’t news to anybody. Especially now that we are in a brand new ye...

The Best Ways to Avoid a Bad Hair Day (& Wake Up More Handsome)

Picture this: You’re going to bed after an awesome and productive day. And dare we say, your hair was ON POINT. But w...

How to Keep Your Beard Handsome in the Cold Winter Months

It’s that inescapable time of year again — you know, the one where despite your best efforts, the cold and dry elemen...

How Lichen Extract Can Benefit Your Skin & Hair

You may have noticed in our FAQ section that our products are paraben-free, and are instead fortified with lichen ext...
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